Environmental Mitigation
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Environmental Mitigation

Through years of experience and established relationships, we can provide a mitigation offset that meets the needs of your project, regardless of size.

With credits coming on line in 12-18 months and PRM sites available now, contact Bill Goodrum or Neil Boitnott to see how we can help with your mitigation needs.

The proposed Lake Houston Mitigation Bank will service the North Houston Area and is planned to restore over 50,000 linear feet of stream and 500 acres of forested and non-forested wetlands. The site is situated in portions of Harris and Liberty Counties and is bound by the East Fork San Jacinto River to the west and contains nearly a mile of Luce Bayou in the eastern portion of the tract.  There is ample opportunity for additional stream and/or wetland Permittee Responsible Mitigation sites on this 3,600 acre tract.  In addition to the Lake Houston Project and North Houston market area, Endeavor can provide mitigation offsets across Texas through strategic land purchases or partnerships with landowners. 

LH Ranch, Ltd., was formed for the purchase of the Lake Houston property with a focus on wetland and stream restoration.  LH Ranch, Ltd. is formally represented by Endeavor Real Estate Group but also supported by Davis Capital Resources, whose team has experience in both wetland and threatened/endangered species mitigation.  LH Ranch, Ltd. has engaged both Bill Goodrum and Neil Boitnott as employees of the partnership to concentrate, operate and manage the wetland and stream mitigation project. Bill and Neil have extensive mitigation experience in Texas and have recently permitted two mitigation banks and multiple permittee responsible mitigation projects in the Galveston District.

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