16 17 R O C K R O SE B LV D R O C K R O SE B LV D RO C K ROSE DISTR ICT RO C K ROSE DISTR ICT Office (Future) Office (Future) PARK PARK ALTER RA PKWY ALTER RA PKWY D O M A IN D R D O M A IN D R D OMAI N DR D OMAI N DR ESPERANZA CROSSING ESPERANZA CROSSING D O M A I N B L V D D O M A I N B L V D PALM WAY PALM WAY KRAMER LN KRAMER LN L O O P 1 / M O P A C BUR NET R D BUR NET R D TO METRO RAIL 23 MIN TO AIRPORT 18 MIN TO CBD DOMAIN PHASE ONE DOMAIN PHASE TWO N INGRESS EGRESS PARKING APARTMENTS THE IDEAL LOCATION WITHIN THE DOMAIN, MAXIMIZING ACCESS, VISIBILITY, AND CONVENIENCE. Domain 11 and Domain 12 are just steps away from Whole Foods, Domain NORTHSIDE, the Archer Austin hotel, and the trendsetting dining and entertainment of Rock Rose Boulevard. The location at the north end of Alterra Parkway provides highly efficient routes in and out of the Domain via MoPac and Burnet Road, including easy access to and from MoPac in all directions. Proximity to MoPac also makes the buildings daily icons for tens of thousands of Austin commuters, creating a powerful branding opportunity for tenants. DOMAIN 11 & DOMAIN 12 THE DOMAIN TODAY 50+ restaurants and nightlife venues 775 hotel rooms 2,700 apartments 1.8 million square feet of retail 1.5 million square feet of office