Austin 10th Best Start Up City

Austin Business Journal | Staff
Source: Austin Business Journal

Entrepreneur magazine’s August issue ranks Austin the tenth-best start-up city in America.

The magazine’s look at new business-friendly cities addresses issues such as government incentives, population growth, affordability of commercial rents, and openness to new ideas.

Entrepreneur calls Austin the “cross­pollinator” among the top 10 cities. The magazine cites the multiple “scenes” that shape Austin, from music to tech, and how they feed off of one another.

“Theoretically, people here are competing, but the opposite is happening,” Bijoy Goswami, founder of Bootstrap Austin told Entrepreneur. “Part of that Texas ethos has percolated into the entrepreneur scene:
People in Austin just treat each other well.”

The magazine also highlighted Sweet Leaf Tea Co-founder Clayton Christopher as an example of one of Austin’s brightest business minds. “There’s a cachet attached to Austin/’ Christopher said. “It’s the live-music capital of the world; it has good Texas values. Having Austin on our bottles has been a huge benefit.

The top ten cities in order are Las Vegas, Portland, Ore., Orlando, Fla., San Diego, Phoenix, Chapel Hill, N.C., Atlanta, Madison, Wis., Youngstown, Ohio, and Austin, Texas.